Air Compressors Safety

From industrial tools, paint sprayers, power tools, and a lot more, an air compressor is one of the most prevalent tools around. Due to its incredible versatility and the multiple purposes served by this tool, it is now widely used across the world. Despite being so valuable, however, it can be very dangerous especially when it isn’t handled with care and caution. While air compressors are now used in many homes nowadays, the dangers and risks posed by them shouldn’t be ignored. Nevertheless, air compressors offer numerous benefits when they are used safely, which is why we felt the need to come up with this article. If you already own an air compressor or you are just buying one for the first time, below are some safety measures you can take when utilizing them.

Cover Your Body Up

The primary thing you must do when trying to use an air compressor is to cover up your body. When operating an air compressor, you need to wear a long sleeve shirt and pants. Besides, you ought to wear a face mask and protective eyewear. In addition to that, air compressors are very loud, so you might need to purchase some earplugs for protection to your hearing.

Use a Self-Retracting Cord

Normally, this machine should be used with a self-retracting cord. Leaving long cords lying around on the floor might create a tripping hazard as it might injure anyone who accidentally slips on it. With this kind of cord, an extra cord is fused into a package rather than just lying on the floor.

Do Not Manipulate the Hose

Furthermore, you shouldn’t manipulate the hose when using it. Ensure that the hose is always straight all the time. Thus, in no condition should you twist, stretch, or attempt to navigate the hose around anything. However, if you are required to use the hose somewhere else, just unplug the whole unit instead of manipulating the line. This will keep you from breaking it while you’re using it.

Keep a Strong Grip

Also, ensure you keep a solid hold on the compressor. This essentially means that you should keep your hands on the compressor always while using it. Don’t attempt to carry out other tasks while using an air compressor. All your focus and hands must be on the compressor that you’re operating and moving. Keep in mind that compressors are very powerful, and you always want to be under its control.

Use a Safe Electrical Outlet

Additionally, ensure that you use a safe electrical outlet. Avoid using an electrical outlet that has damaged wiring or isn’t capable of handling the electrical output. With this, you won’t risk shorting out the compressor or risk an electrical fire.

Check for Air and Oil Leaks

Try getting used to checking your compressor for both air and oil leaks every time prior to using it. Regardless of how big a leak is, using the compressor in such condition could make the hose blow as a result of the pressure change. In the event that any leak is found – either air or oil – don’t use the compressor until it’s been fixed.

Never Attempt to Breathe the Air

Another safety tip that you must keep in mind is that you must never attempt to breathe the air coming through the hose of the air compressor. The air produced by an air compressor is coming through with a lot of force, thus, you could hurt your throat severely if you put your mouth on the compressor.

Follow Manufacturer’s Maintenance Guidelines

Make sure you follow every recommendation from the manufacturer regarding the care and maintenance of the machine. Most air compressors usually come with instructions on how to maintain the machine. In addition to that, it may include changing the oil, checking for safe temperature, checking for different pressure, and more.

Stay Back

Finally, ensure that every member of your family understands how serious a piece of the machine an air compressor is and that they need to stay back whenever the machine is being used. If there are little kids or pets in your household, ensure that they aren’t around when you’re using the machine.

An air compressor is a very powerful machine, and the power it generates shouldn’t ever be taken lightly. With that said, make sure to follow all safety measures regarding the use of an air compressor at all times. By keeping the precautions in mind, you wouldn’t be saving yourself only from harm, but the lives of other people as well.

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