Best Car Emergency Kit Review

When it comes to a car accident or breakdown, it is impossible to be fully prepared. However, in the event of such unfortunate situations, having an emergency kit is imperative. These kits avail all the essential items you need for personal safety before you get any assistance.

Here, we bring you this comprehensive car emergency kit from BESTEK. You get all you will ever need for a roadside emergency in a compact and solid easy-to-carry case. It is a highly practical kit which trades quality and value, an essential companion every time you head out for a long ride.

Users enjoy the convenience and sheer diversity by the wide range of useful equipment this unit offers.


Let’s discover a few key features of BESTEK Car Emergency Kit:

  • Power inverter

Inside this emergency kit, you will find a 300W BESTEK power inverter to power you on in the unfortunate case of an accident or roadside breakdown. The inverter offers two 100V AC outlets and two USB ports to suit your needs.

You can use the fast charge or the other safety protection modes for your gadget.

  • Air Compressor

Another practical component you expect to find is a powerful air compressor with a maximum pressure of 150 PSI. Attached to it is a 10-foot cord that plugs to the cigarette lighter of your car for power. You will find a tire pump with a pressure gauge for inflating your car tire. Apart from inflating your tires, it comes with a needle and nozzle adaptors that make it suitable for inflating mattresses, boats, sports balls and many other inflatables that you’ll require in an emergency.

  • Flashlight

How thoughtful of the manufacturer to include this handy flashlight. It offers 5 different light modes to care for all sorts of conditions you may find yourself in. You are free to choose between the half, full and strobe modes or switch to red or white flashing lights.

A compass, glass breaker and seatbelt cutter are also integrated into the spotlight. After you are done using the light you can connect it to the USB port on the inverter using the included USB cable or choose to charge it using an incorporated solar panel.

You can still use the stored power in the flashlight to charge your phone making it a power bank too! There is a magnet that lets you hang the spotlight easily.

  • Extra Components

BESTEK seem to have realized all you may need in an emergency and offer just that. They continue to equip this unit with a reflective vest to ensure you are visible to oncoming drivers will be cautioned of someone on the roadside and gloves to keep your hands protected.

More tools like a pocket chainsaw, 4m tow belt, pliers, wire cutter and an electrical tape are also included to add to its functionality and versatility. A magnesium Ferro rod is available in case you will need to start a fire.

  • Portability

As you’d expect, this unit comes with a hard plastic cover with an ergonomic handle so you can simply carry it around. The case is solid and sturdy enough to offer protection to the pieces inside so they won’t get damaged while in your car trunk.

The materials used to create this case are equally quality and durable promising a long life.


  • It is backed by an 18-month warranty and lifetime friendly customer service.
  • In case it is not what you expected, there is a 30-day money back guarantee.
  • It is highly affordable
  • The kit is lightweight and easy to carry along.


  • The USB ports remain powered even when the inverter is off leading to energy loss.
  • An inbuilt fuse on the inverter makes it hard to replace.


After an accident, breakdown or flat tire, things may go awry and that’s why you need to have several tools to have at your disposal. In some events, the car doors and seat belts may be jammed.

The flashlight packs a glass breaker to shatter the nearest window and let you quickly exit the car. Another side of the flashlight incorporates a seatbelt cutter to cut through a seatbelt if it malfunctions.

The flashlight is still crucial when changing a tire in the dark by the roadside or you are simply trying to flag down help. It can be easily recharged from the inverter saving you the hassle of buying and packing extra batteries, in case flashlight has been drained.

If you are stuck in the heavy inclement of weather like pools of mud, snowy or icy conditions, the included 4-meter tow belt allows a fellow motorist driving by to offer assistance.


With this kit in your possession, you will be certain that you and your family are prepped and ready in case accident or disaster strikes. Worry not if you are new to cars or not much of a car enthusiast and doesn’t know what to expect in an auto emergency tool kit.

This kit has all you will ever need. It is by far the best-stocked car kit for the money on the market and with it, you will be ready to handle any doomsday scenario. Having utilized and tested the greater part of the pieces included in this unit, I suggest that you grab one for reliability and extraordinary performance.

Note Worth

An accident, breakdown or a flat tire can happen to anyone, anywhere at any time. What you have in your vehicle makes the difference between bouncing back quickly on the road and going through a long, trying and dangerous ordeal by the roadside.

Including this solid kit in your travel gear means you are cared for in case of these emergencies and calling a mechanic or any other authorities will be your last resolution. You don’t need a nonperforming unit. You also don’t need to dig so deep into the pocket to find a decent choice. Just go with this amazing product.

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