Flexzilla Air Hose Review

Are you searching for a durable, easy-to-use, lightweight, and affordable air hose?

If so, the Flexzilla Air Hose ticks all of those boxes – and more.

We have researched this hose extensively to provide you with all the information that you need to know about it. Purchasing an air hose can be a difficult task as it heavily depends on how you’re going to be using it.

This Flexzilla Air Hose is best for using around your home. Having said that, you may find it useful for some applications around job sites too.

If you’re feeling a little unsure of whether this is the right hose for you, simply have a quick read below. By the end, you’ll be left with a clear understanding of what the hose has to offer you, as well as whether it’s the right fit for your jobs.

Main Features


One of the main features that customers have been loving about the Flexzilla Air Hose is how incredibly flexible it is.

This is a result of its zero-memory mechanism. We appreciated this feature as it allows you to leave the hose flat on the floor, regardless of the surface.

The hybrid polymer materials that have been used to construct this hose contribute greatly to how flexible it is.


Since many people like to use and keep their hoses outdoors, it’s crucial that they are resistant to any potential damage from the weather.

That’s why we were glad to find that this hose by Flexzilla is awesome at being able to resist weather damages.

Even if you’re in conditions that have temperatures that are below zero degrees, this hose will still remain flexible and reliable. This is an impressive feature because many other hoses usually become weaker and hard in colder temperatures.

So, if you leave this hose out in the cold weather, you can still expect it to work perfectly the next day.

Pressure Resistance

A major issue that people come across while using hoses is that they tangle too easily.

This can create an added stress to jobs when trying to work both outdoors and indoors. However, this Flexzilla hose is equipped with a system that prevents it from tangling.

Therefore, you can be sure to use this hose without having to worry about it kinking under pressure. This is also another benefit of the hybrid polymer materials.


Purchasing equipment such as hoses often poses the question of how long it’s going to last you. When people see this Flexzilla hose available for such an affordable price, they begin to question its quality and durability.

So, how durable is this hose?

Many customers have been pleasantly surprised to discover that this hose is incredibly strong and has a lot of longevity.

This is a result of the fittings that are used. They have incorporated anodized aircraft aluminum grade fittings into this hose. As a result, it gives the entire hose a great sense of strength and stability.

Furthermore, the hybrid polymer material comes into play again. It adds another aspect of durability and strength to ensure that the hose will last you for years ahead.


An issue that people face while using hoses is that they tend to be fairly heavy. This causes delays in completing jobs as it makes them more difficult.

However, the Flexzilla Air Hose has been purposefully constructed to be lighter than other hoses.

As a result, it’s super easy to carry around, no matter if you’re on a job site or simply trying to finish up jobs around your home.


  • Very flexible
  • Incredibly lightweight design
  • Anodized aircraft aluminum fittings for durability
  • Resistant to pressure and tangling
  • Affordable price
  • Weatherproof materials


  • Some people have difficulty reeling the hose in due to how stretchy it is
  • Plastic ends near the threads can be prone to leaking

Final Thoughts

All in all, we were pretty impressed by the number of features that this hose has to offer. Especially when you consider that it’s available at such a low price.

Now that you know more about what this Flexzilla Air Hose can offer, you can be sure to think about whether it’s the best option for your needs.

We recommend it mainly for doing jobs in and around your home. But some customers who work on larger job sites have said that it works well for the slightly smaller tasks too.

Be sure to use the information above to help you make the best decision possible.





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