W10005 Hi-Vi Gallon Horizontal Portable Air Tank Review

W10005 Hi-Vi Gallon horizontal portable air tank is found in car’s storage compartment. 

It is basically used for storing air that can be used for multiple purposes including car tires. Due to the fact that the horizontal tank is portable, it has a high preference, especially when compared with ordinary compressors.

They are also very useful in situations of emergencies as they can easily be moved from one place to the other. W10005 Hi-Vi Gallon horizontal portable air tank is a tool specially designed to provide users with the necessary convenience and security when on a journey.

It saves you money time and most importantly, it can save a life. The good news is that you get one for your car at a very affordable price.


The air accessory sets

Users are spoilt for choice as the tool package can either be a 22 piece, 17 pieces or even a 7 piece air accessory set. The accessory set with 22 pieces is the most popular. It has 2 needles for inflation, a safety nozzle, rubber blow gun, thread tape and an adapter for the blowgun.

The air accessory set with 17 pieces has a blow gun that has 4 nozzles, an inflation needle, dual tire chuck, wire brush and a 120 PSI air gauge. The 7 piece air accessory set has a quarter inch NPT female air inlet and a kit that has a 4-inch nozzle, safety nozzle, and a blow gun.

There is an inflation needle, rubber tip, adaptor and a tapered nozzle.

The air hose

It comes with a 3/8”x 25’ hybrid air hose which has a length of 25 feet, a 300 working PSI, 1/4” (M) inlet and outlet NPT. This air hose is very flexible and is made of a blend of PVC and rubber.

3/8” x 50’ air hose that is hybrid is 50 feet long with 300 working PSI. It is made of a blend of PVC and rubber which makes it extremely flexible. For it to have a long life, it has bend restrictions on every end.

25′ x 3/8″ air hose made of rubber is 25 feet long with a 300 working PSI. It is made of rubber hence has a lightweight and very flexible. It is resistant to kinks, weather, and abrasions.

The auto rewind hose reels

There is a w/25’ Hose which has a length of 25’x3/8” and has a spring powered automatic rewind hence making the hose returning a snap. This reel is popular in the commercial markets and also for those who want it for personal purposes. It can be mounted on the wall, ceiling or on the floor.

The w/50’ reel hose is 50 feet long reel hose which is spring powered hence rewinding has been made very easy. It can be mounted on the walls, ceiling or on the floor. It is popular with those who want to use it for commercial or personal use. It has an inlet and outlet PSI of 3/8″ (F)

The air hose reel

The 50’ air hose reel has a heavy construction of gauge steel which gives many years of service even in the conditions that are very tough. The PSI is of 18 gauge reel made of steel that has a finishing that is powder coated hence making it very durable. It also has a swivel inlet fitting which is 3/8”NPT that is female.

The 50′ air hose reel with a 3/8″ hose has a rubber air hose reel, 300 PSI, and is made of heavy gauge steel hence making it reliable to serve you for a very long time even in very tough conditions.

It also has a 3′ x 3/8″ of rubber and leads with 1/4″ NPT brass fittings. It has quick wall mount plates hence making it easy to remove the reel for use in the remote areas.


  1. They are durable and portable.
  2. The tank size is big enough.
  3. Designed for commercial and domestic use.
  4. Flexible and easy to handle.


  1. There are bend restrictions for it to have a long life.


A Gallon horizontal portable air tank has high compatibility with different car models. The tank is horizontal and hence it is portable and therefore most people prefer to use it as compared to the compressors.

One can purchase different sizes of the tanks depending on whether they want to use it for domestic or commercial purposes or depending on where they want to use this tank.


These are quality and long lasting air tanks. They give several years of service even when they are being used in very tough conditions they still serve you well. They come in different colors hence one has a variety to choose from as one does not have limitation to just one color.

One can use this product with the least struggle as you can easily mount them on the floor, wall or the ceiling. There is very little energy that is required when rewinding the hose as it is spring powered hence makes everything automatic.

When rolling it also ensures that the air hose does not sag. It is not restricted to commercial use only as they come in different sizes that are suitable for personal use.


W10005 Hi-Vi Gallon horizontal portable air tank is a gadget worth having. Safety and convenience come first and therefore there is no need to travel without a backup in your car. With the tool in your car’s storage compartment, you are guaranteed of traveling without unnecessary hustle. It saves your money and time as well.

The tool is easy to use and anyone can use it in situations of emergency or tire burst.  You, therefore, don’t need to hire someone to fix your flat tire. W10005 Hi-Vi Gallon horizontal portable air tank ensures that your car gets back to the road in the least possible time.

All you need to do is get a W10005 Hi-Vi Gallon horizontal portable air tank, the affordable and reliable safety tool. 

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