The Best 60 Gallon Air Compressor You Can Get

Regardless of whether you’re a professional or a DIYer, having a quiet big air compressor you can talk to somebody next to it while its running will make things a lot easier, especially if you are involved in bigger jobs, we have scanned the market and reviewed the top big products hoping that will help you pick the best 60 gallon air compressor for your jobs.

Have a read below to help you narrow down your search to find the best quiet gallon air compressor.

6 Best 60 Gallon Air Compressors

NorthStar Belt-Drive Stationary Air Compressor

NorthStar Belt-Drive Stationary Air Compressor

Anyone in need of a durable air compressor will be interested in NorthStar’s piece of equipment.

The pump has been lubricated with oil and made with cast iron materials. This increases its lifespan and ensures that there’s no heat being transferred among the cylinders.

With after and inter-coolers made with copper, the heat is reduced even further. It also minimized any moisture accumulation.

The reed valves are constructed out of alloy steel that’s resistant to heat, which adds to the overall cooling effects of this machine. These valves also have an impressive lifespan of over 20,000 hours.

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Ingersoll- Rand 2340L5 two-Stage Air Compressor

Ingersoll-Rand 2340L5

Ingersoll-Rand’s two-stage air compressor has been created for use in industrial environments, as well as shops.

As a result, it has a maximum operating pressure of 174 psi along with a receiver tank of 60 ASME. This provides you with a ton of power to ensure you can complete your jobs without any hassle.

Cast iron materials have been used to construct this air compressor. This makes it remarkably durable. Not to mention, you can use it for more than 15,000 hours before any signs of deterioration set in (if ever).

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Ingersoll-Rand SS5 Single Stage Air Compressor

SS5 5HP 60 Gallon Single Stage Air Compressor (230V, Single Phase)

The SS5 single stage air compressor by Ingersoll-Rand is fantastic for both DIY and professional uses.

With a 60-gallon vertical ASME receiver tank, which is ideal if you’re looking to save on floor space. Furthermore, you get to use a maximum pressure capacity of 135 psi. This is plenty of power to complete the toughest jobs.

Using this air compressor is super simple due to the switch control design. It automatically starts and stops to make your jobs easier.

With a cast iron construction, you can be sure to use it for more than 5,000 hours without any hassle.

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Puma Industries PK-6060V Air Compressor

Puma Industries PK-6060V Air Compressor

Puma Industries’ air compressor is recommended mostly for commercial and professional uses.

It has been lubricated with oil for smooth operation and comes with a single stage iron pump. We appreciated how this pump has been made with cast iron. It boosts the durability and makes the air compressor great for demanding job sites.

The vertical design is perfect for people wanting to save floor space.

For easier control over the outlet air, you can use the pressure regulator and coupler available. Moreover, transporting this air compressor is easy due to the steel wheels.

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Porter Cable PCXMLC3706056 Single Stage Air Compressor

Porter Cable PXCMLC3706056 60-Gallon Single Stage Stationary Air Compressor

This Porter Cable air compressor is astoundingly durable. Some customers have been using it for up to a decade before replacing it with a new one.

It’s made with cast iron materials and has a pump that’s been lubricated with oil for longevity. They include synthetic oil to ensure the machine performs at its best consistently.

The air compressor runs on 3.7 horsepower, which is plenty to get your jobs done, hassle-free. We liked how there’s a pressure gauge built-in as it lets you easily see the pressure levels that you’re using.

Porter Cable’s air compressor can run for a long time. So, it’s awesome for using with all kinds of tools, such as impact guns, ratchets, spray guns, and many more.

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Mega Power MP-6560V Air Compressor

5Hp 60 Gallon Air Compressor

This air compressor by Mega Power is awesome for use with a wide range of air tools and pneumatic nail equipment.

It has a fantastic capacity of 60 gallons, which is great for bigger jobs. There is a maximum oil capacity of 34oz which also comes with splash lubrication.

We liked the 5.0HP 230V electric motor because it’s incredibly powerful. It also features protection against overload too.

Overall, this is a very reliable option, especially for job sites.

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Top Low Noise Compressors Under 60 Gallon

Sometimes buying a 60 gallon air compressor is like shooting a cannon rabbit, especially if you need it for small to mid-size jobs, and the bottom line is the best air compressor for you will always depend on the need of your tools if you think a 60 gallon air compressor is a cannon, you can pick the best low noise compressor under 60 gallon from the list below


DeWalt DXCMLA1983054 30-Gallon Portable Air Compressor


This 30-gallon DEWALT air compressor has been created specifically for job site environments. Therefore, it’s superbly strong and durable.

It operates with 155 PSI maximum pressure, which is awesome for ensuring your tools perform well consistently.

We liked how it has a vertical design. It allows you to save on floor space, which can be minimal on some job sites.

Moreover, the portability of this machine is fantastic. It’s equipped with pneumatic tires which makes it easy to roll around.

They include a synthetic oil with the order too. You can use this to make sure the machine is always able to perform at its best. It also keeps everything running smoothly which increases the longevity.

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DeWalt DXCMPA1982054 20-Gallon Portable Air Compressor


DEWALT’s 20-gallon air compressor is slightly different to the 30-gallon model above. However, it’s still excellent for job sites that are demanding.

It operates with a 20-gallon tank which is portable. This is due to the pneumatic tires that make moving the tank incredibly easy.

Similarly to the 30-gallon option, this 20-gallon DEWALT air compressor works with 155 psi of maximum pressure. This is great for powering tools.

Pressure gauges and a quick-set regulator are included. Customers find this makes jobs easier as they can see exactly what pressure they’re using.

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Garage Mate P1.5IU-A9 20-Gallon Single-Stage Portable Air Compressor


With just a decibel count of 80, this air compressor runs incredibly quietly. So, it’s great if you’re working somewhere that requires minimal noise disturbance.

It’s a remarkably durable air compressor too. They provide you with a synthetic lubricant which helps to keep the machine running well. As a result, you can expect to get 2,000 hours of consistent use.

The frame and cylinder have been made with cast iron. This provides the air compressor with tons of strength and longevity.

Furthermore, semi-pneumatic tires and ergonomic handles make transporting the air compressor super easy. That’s why it’s a solid option for both professionals and DIYers.

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BOSTITCH BTFP7264 3-Tool Compressor Combo Kit


We recommend this BOSTITCH air compressor kit for people working on demanding job sites. One of the main reasons being that it’s equipped with a shroud composite that’s resistant to impact.

As a result, it keeps the compressor safe from damage.

The tank is 6-gallons large and it comes with a drain valve. This makes drainage very easy. Another thing that makes using this air compressor easy is that the pump doesn’t need to be maintained.

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DEWALT D55167 Horizontal Portable Compressor


With 225 psi of maximum pressure available, you’re able to use air tools for very long periods of time. So, this is a great choice for anyone working on lengthy jobs.

It’s equipped with semi-pneumatic tires which make transportation a breeze.

We also liked how it operates at just 78 decibels. This is awesome if you’re working in a quieter place as it causes less noise disturbance.

The pump included is free from oil and require no maintenance, which makes it simpler to use.

Be sure to use our review above to discover which air compressor unit is the best for you needs.

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