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Makita mac5200 with Its compact design and durability considered a worthwhile piece of equipment. Makita is a company known for its production of high-quality machines, and this one here is no exception.

suitable for every kind of carpentry works, which allows two people to operate two roofing nailers and two finishing nailers at the same time; a full nail magazine can be sunk without any buffering. For automobile shop, this unit can power air ratchet wrench, impact driver, impact wrench, and spray guns.

Unless you are in search of a compressor that is capable of powering huge construction projects, then the Makita MAC5200 Big Bore Compressor should be adequately powerful for your needs.

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  • Outstanding performance
  • Excellent construction quality guarantees longevity.
  • Easy portability
  • Convenience of built-in storage and air hose wrap.
  • Comes with oil
  • Easy air filter and oil changes


  • Heavy
  • A bit loud in its operation.
  • Operates at a higher RPM than others
  • Poor manual with no illustrations

Regardless of its poor manual, When it comes to using a reliable air compressor to carry out projects, the mac5200 is worth your attention. In this Makita mac5200 review, we will talk about the specifications, and precisely go through what it is capable of doing.

You wouldn’t like having to purchase a different compressor to power heavy-duty machine and then going to a medium-sized machine for the little things. Fortunately, the Makita MAC5200 Big Bore 3.0 HP Air Compressor is the compressor with such versatility and is capable of handling almost every task you throw at it. Makita is a brand that is synonymous with high quality, and the MAC5200 continues in that vein.

Product Overview

Makita mac5200

The Makita MAC5200 Air Compressor is an electric compressor delivering 3.0 horsepower. With a  5.2 Gallon capacity tank, and it’s much quieter than past models so that you won’t disturb other people while working on your project.

The tank enables the air compressor to support a 120 psi level, which you can break down into 40 psi and 90 psi, which brings about 6.9 CFM and 6.5 CFM, correspondingly.

In addition, the Makita MAC5200 is a small and compact compressor, with a foldable handle for easy transportation and storage. The compressor comes with a roll-cage design and durable, sturdy wheels so that it can easily be moved around.

Besides, the compressor’s features an inbuilt storage compartment to store accessories like fittings and additional parts.

Lastly, this air compressor from Makita is incredibly easy to maintain when it comes to maintenance. It features an oil show glass so that you can easily know when the oil needs refilling, and it has a cast iron cylinder that is easy to remove.

The machine utilizes a lever handle ball valve, making drainage easier than the regular petcock design. Below are the specs of the machine.

Features of Makita MAC5200

  • Electric Motor runs at 3.0 HP
  • 5.2 Gallon capacity tank.
  • Produces as much as 6.9 CFM and 6.5 CFM at the same time.
  • Piston-style air intake with easy-to-remove parts.
  • Pistons are oil-cooled to keep the machine running smoothly.
  • Features a storage compartment for accessories and fittings.
  • Roll-cage construction
  • In-built thermal overload protection
  • 120 Volts, 1800 watts, and 13.8 amps


Makita mac5200

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The Makita MAC5200 Air Compressor comes with a 3.0 HP 4 pole induction motor which is sufficiently powerful to refill the air tank in the quickest possible time. Apart from making the motor to be very powerful, Makita has also designed the unit with high-quality parts to guarantee a very long lifespan.

Many air compressors out there come with motors that are wound with either thin copper wire or aluminum wire. Those types are inexpensive, produce a lot of heat, have less duty cycle, and last for just a short period of time.

However, Makita has utilized thick copper wire to wind the powerful motor of this machine, resulting in greater durability and enhanced performance.


Makita mac5200

Weighing around 100lbs, the MAC5200 is a very heavy machine and is ready for any kind of task. With its 8 inch pneumatic wheels, it is easy to move the machine through job sites.

For easier maintenance and better performance, this Makita air compressor is fitted with an industrial size filter. Also, it is fitted with a folding handle which enables easy storage and transportation, and the machine also has a low profile which allows you to transport in a car’s trunk easily.

Two other useful features are the hose wrap of 50 ft long and the storage compartment for accessories and fittings.


Makita mac5200

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The Makita MAC5200 Air compressor is a high performing machine as its cast iron cylinder has a superior stroke and bore for higher performance and more power.

With the machine’s 6.5 CFM at 90 PSI , you can run 2 framing nailers at the same time, impact wrench, a plasma cutter, or just about any other air tool you may desire to use. However, it might not be able to power die grinders as they need an incredible amount of airflow to operate.

It reaches 0 – 140 PSI in just 2 minutes and the well-sealed tank has the ability to hold a lot of pressure if you decide to do so. Besides, the recovery time of the machine is fast, but its 50 percent duty cycle doesn’t make the machine the right fit if you are looking for an air compressor that will work nonstop.

Noise Level

The Makita MAC5200 Air Compressor measures at under 90 decibels, which is quite loud While the noise level is just average of a compressor of this size, it operates at 3420 RPM which is very fast.

While it provides a better performance as a result of this, it makes it louder. However, this machine is still quieter than some other air compressors you will find in the market.

Power Source

The Makita MAC4200 Air Compressor runs at 110v and draws 13.8 amps. The 15 amps outlet in your household can run this machine easily; just ensure you don’t plug other devices into the same outlet simultaneously. The 13.8 amps draw will barely cause any problem unless the temperature is extremely low.

Suitable Applications

Makita mac5200

With its 6.5 CFM at 90 PSI and 6.9 CFM at 40 PSI, this Makita compressor is suitable for every kind of carpentry works, which allows two people to operate two roofing nailers and two finishing nailers at the same time; a full nail magazine can be sunk without any buffering. For automobile shop, this unit can power air ratchet wrench, impact driver, impact wrench, and spray guns.

When it comes to large spray guns, disk grinder, and body orbital sander, the machine can handle your demands for small tasks. if painting and sanding are the primary projects in your shop, we recommend you to go for a compressor with 15.gallon tank at least.

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